Organizers & Activists


Matthew Wilson
(Facebook:  MattMan Returns)

Denver GoTopless 2015  Photo Credit: Noah Graham

Denver GoTopless 2015

Photo Credit: Noah Graham

Mia Jean

BIO: My name is Mia Jean, and I attended my first Denver GoTopless in 2015. I was honored to become a Co-Chair for the event with Matt in 2016. Equality and humanity have always been a big influence in my life, and I was thrilled to find this event after watching the movie, "Free the Nipple" movie with our photographer, Noah. I am deeply moved to see DGT grow exponentially every year, and to meet all of the amazing participants that truly make the event. Our parade and march have now become known as one of the biggest summer events in Denver, and we hope to not only continue to grow, but also branch out. The DGT team are some of the most compassionate, hard working, and funloving people I have had the pleaseure of knowing, and I CANNOT WAIT to see what this years parade and march bring! Lets make DGT19 the best year yet!

Denver GoTopless 2017  Photo Credit: Denver Westword

Denver GoTopless 2017

Photo Credit: Denver Westword

Brian Gantz

  • Spokesperson and Co-Organizer of Denver GoTopless 2017-present

  • Primary Grassroots Fundraiser

  • Social Media Admin

I’m Brian and from 2001 to 2003 I was on forfront of getting medical pot legal in colorado. I’m from NY, O.G, legal toplessness....this will be my 3rd DGT, but first time officially helping. I have been trying to get meet ups and will continue, but expect many other posts from me over the next few weeks. I will need some help from you all!!! Lets make this the best year ever!!!!

Photo Credit: Noah Graham

Photo Credit: Noah Graham

Noah Graham

  • Primary Photographer for Denver GoTopless parades, VIP


Marie Söderlind

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With over fifteen years of experience working in the non-profit industry, I am volunteering with the Denver GoTopless March for Equality. After participating in the parade for the last three years, I reached out to the organizers to offer my services. My versatile resume includes work in non-profit finance, customer and client services, and fundraising.

After receiving a bachelors in business with a focus in non-profit administration in 2016, I spent the next few years advancing my career in theater management. I am now focusing my efforts on financial management and accounting, returning to school to earn a Master's in Professional Accounting with the goal of becoming a CPA. My desire is to use this training to be able to serve on the board of any non-profit that I am passionate about. I would like to help non-profits improve their financial strength by making decisions that are based on sound analysis and reasoning.