Due to our phenomenal growth, 2018 is the first year we have required permits for our annual Denver GoTopless event.

Our partners have organized festivities far surpassing prior years, and deserve special recognition for their contributions:

Founded and headed by Mber Rose Love, reNude is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving self-image and relationships through body-positive, clothing optional events.  

Through the tireless efforts of Mber Rose, this year's Denver GoTopless celebration will include singers and dancers, complete with a stage and sound system.  She also handled all of the permit process, along with all contracting for food cart availability and waste management services.  She will be MC during the live shows, and will also perform.  We deeply appreciate the time and effort she's invested in this project, and look forward to working with her in the future.

Love Song Enterprises, Inc.

Special thanks to Love Song Enterprises for their generous financial support.  Costs of permits, contracted services, and performers totaled over $10,000.  While we're still trying to raise funds to cover costs, none of 2018's festivities would have been possible without their contribution.


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